Advanced HMI models utilize EZwarePlus software. Please click on the following features for more detailed subject information:

Maple Systems HMIs offer the BEST value in today's HMI marketplace. Enjoy enhanced features, trusted performance,
affordable pricing, and unparalleled support.
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When something goes wrong, make sure the people who can fix it know about the issue, no matter where they are. Read more >

Add motion to your application to guide the operator's attention to a certain area of the screen or indicate motion of a process.
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Use the internal audio transducer to alert the operator to alarm conditions or to simply grab the operator's attention. Read more >

The HMI Series support connecting a barcode scanner to the HMI and displaying the scanned barcode data on the HMI
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Easily create simple bar and trend graphs to represent complex data, in multiple formats including floating point. Read more >

The Data Entry feature offers you a variety of methods to edit data in the PLC. Read more >

Collect data through data logging and sampling to deliver insight into your system's process. Read more >

Collect and distribute process data that makes sense. Read more >

Data can be displayed in many different ways where the type of data may dictate the way in which it is displayed. Read more >

Configure the HMI to send an email with alarm information or data files. Read more >

Choose from a variety of fonts and text styles to fit the look and feel of your project. Read more >

You can create graphics-rich screens using graphics from libraries or imported bitmaps, JPGs, or animated GIFs Read more >

With the power of macros, HMI functionality is limited only by your imagination. Use macros to create a custom PLC protocol, perform complex math operations, scale PLC data, and much more. Read more >

Simulate easy-to-read analog controls such as temperature, current, pressure, speed, that can be customized to your unique application. Read more >

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a lightweight, low bandwidth protocol that works between clients and a
broker (server) to publish and subscribe data (topics) among devices.
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What if your machine could train the operator how to use it? Display images or live video, and import
custom graphics files.
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The Multi-Language feature is a great resource for OEMs wanting to market to different countries—easily select different
languages for your projects
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Customize screen designs utilizing our graphic libraries of lamps, buttons, and switches, or import your own custom graphics.
Change the text or message with the state.
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The Operation Log provides a method for recording operator actions on the HMI, displays them in real-time on the HMI screen,
and records them to a SQLite database file in the HMI.
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Manage batch processes and easily select different batch variables to download to the PLC. Read more >

Customize screen designs with our easy-to-use graphics libraries—or import your own custom graphics. Read more >

Manage access to your control system and keep your facility safe. Enjoy operational security features to prevent the wrong
person from accessing your information.
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Synchronize the HMI real-time clock with an NTP server or, when downloading to the HMI, with your PC's clock. Read more >

Trend graphs allow you to represent related complex data in a simple, visual format. Read more >

Display video from a USB or IP camera to help monitor and control your process. * Read more >

The Graphic HMI's built-in VNC server allows users to remotely monitor their process. Read more >

Video from a USB camera connected to the HMI can be streamed and viewed in a web browser on a PC or mobile device.
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Maple Systems offers a secure access point to an existing Wi-Fi network that can provide a unified, reliable, and easy way to manage production. Read more >