Web Studio Features

Features Overview

Design the screens you want with powerful graphics tools that allow full customization of your screens to match your unique application. True-to-life graphics communicate any message, any operation, and any process better. Powerful visuals connect the operator to the interface.

ActiveX and .NET: Indusoft Web Studio supports Active X and .NET controls, adding functionality for browsers, media players, charting, live streaming from cameras, and other ActiveX or .NET controls.

Alarms and Events: Alert operators to critical conditions using the alarm feature:
  • Organize by groups and priority
  • Save alarm data to disk (including Compact Flash)
  • Alarm format can be customized
  • Keep track of total numbers of alarms and unacknowledged alarms
  • Send emails about alarms
Bar Graphs: Versatile bar graphs can be customized to display meaningful data such as tank levels. Bar graphs can use color, and can move up, down, left, or right. You may also configure an ellipse or rectangle as a bar graph.

Buttons and Objects: Take advantage of Smart Messages for operator feedback.

  • Buttons respond to any command you assign them.
  • Combo Boxes provide drop-down lists of parameters for the controller.
  • Alarms and Events alert operators to critical conditions using the alarm feature.
  • List Boxes let you scroll through a list to write selected items to a controller.
  • Grid Objects places data in CSV format for a spread sheet style visual.

Collaboration: Manage your team's projects with versioning and source control, compare project files, and merge changes through Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (additional license required).

Development Environment: Microsoft Windows commands and toolbars provide for easy and intuitive programming. The graphical toolbars are designed for simple point-and-click graphic design.
  • Extensive symbol graphic libraries and ability to import graphics in fifteen formats
  • Cross-reference tools allow easy location of tags in project
  • Database spy window for debugging
  • Output window to display error messages
Drivers: Includes over 250 communication drivers for PLCs, temperature controllers, motion controllers, bar code/2D/RFID readers, and many other devices.

Graphics and Design Tools: Make raw data more meaningful and easier to interpret with realistic graphics that act as a visual aid. Create clear imagery that reflects the actual process you are controlling.
  • Over 1000 animated objects
  • Extensive symbol library to simplify development
  • Graphic libraries of commonly used objects and symbols
  • Imported graphics from more than 15 different formats including JPG, GIF, EMF, and WMF and have the ability to size them onscreen
  • Drawing tools are available to draw simple objects and enhance imported or library graphics
  • Use any Windows font onscreen

Import Resources: A number of resources can be imported directly into a project including RSLogix database (from a CSV file), TwinCAT database (from a report file created by the TwinCAT software), OPC Server database (reads directly from an OPC Server on the PC), Generic CSV file, and ODBC database.

Intellectual Property Protection: Password protect screens, documents, scripts, and worksheets to prevent unauthorized viewing and editing of your project.

Macros: Use macros to create scripts that perform simple mathematical operations on the operator interface. Functions are also offered for a variety of more complex mathematical operations, changing screens, security, logging data, and much more.

Meters: Use a variety of meters to monitor data in real-time. Select from libraries or create a custom scale or custom meter or OPC specify range and needle movement.
Multi-Language: Multiple languages can be easily facilitated by attaching a translation file to any project.

OPC: Web Studio can be configured as both an OPC DA (Data Access) server and an OPC client. Provides native OPC interfaces such as OPC HDA (server), UA (client) and OPC.NET 3.0 (client).

Includes native redundancy for OPC UA and OPC XML/DA interfaces. OPC DA and UA connectivity are also supported in Windows Embedded Compact 7.

PDF Export: Send alarms, reports, or any file to a production supervisor, quality manager, or maintenance staff using the built-in PDF writer.

Recipes: Write batches of information to the controller using the recipe feature.

Reports: Build custom reports in plain text, RTF, XML, PDF, HTML, and CSV files that communicate all types of data including alarms, incidents and more. The grid function allows report data to be displayed in a manner similar to a CSV file. Reports can be printed, saved on Compact Flash, shared via the network, or emailed to remote locations.

Redundancy: Web Studio supports web server, database, and overall system redundancy to protect your information.

Run-Time: When ordering Web Studio, one runtime license is included with the development software. Additional runtime licenses are required for every Maple Systems Panel PC.
  • The development software is used to create projects that can be downloaded to a Maple Systems Panel PC.
  • The runtime license allows a Web Studio project to run on a Maple Systems Light or Heavy Industrial Panel PC running Windows Embedded Compact 7, Windows Embedded Standard 7, or Windows 7 Pro for Embedded.
Scheduler: Schedule actions triggered by tag changes, date/time, frequency, or other trigger events to trigger reports or other functionality at a particular time of the day.

Scripting: Two powerful scripting languages are supported: built-in Indusoft scripting functions and standard VBScript.

Security: Includes support for group and user accounts, e-signatures, and traceability.

SNMP: Supports the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), used for collecting information from network devices such as servers, printers, hubs, switches, and routers on an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

SQL Database: Connect to any SQL database including Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, or Microsoft Access or Excel.

Tag Data Bases: Pre-defined tags are available, providing access to a variety of system information, and custom tags can be created to provide a link between the screens and the controller.

Thin Clients: Provides remote access to the application from other devices. Supports three types of remote application viewers: Secure Viewer, Microsoft Internet Explorer-based browser, and Studio Mobile Access (SMA) for smart phones and tablets.

Traceability (Events and FDA 21 CFR Part 11): Log operator initiated events such as security system changes (log on/log off), screen open/close, recipe/report operations, systems warnings, and tag value changes. Built-in functionality to create FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant projects with traceability and e-signatures for pharmaceutical and food applications.

Trends: Use trends to display live or historical data occurring over time.

  • Create trends with multiple pens
  • Axis and legends are created automatically
  • Trends display time and date along the horizontal axis

Unicode Characters: Unicode characters are supported when using multiple languages for global compatibility.

XY Plots: Interpret data using customized XY plots that plot one value against another

Web Solutions: WebStudio provides a state-of-the-art web solution, the ability to view screens and monitor online history data from the Heavy/Light Industrial Panel PC on any remote station (from PDAs to PCs) using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Send commands and set points to the Heavy/Light Industrial Panel PC from the web thin client using optional security restrictions.
  • Enable automatic emails from the Heavy/Light Industrial Panel PC to a web thin client
  • Supports Active X controls for easier interfacing with web thin clients